E Books


Sage Synergy creates a fusion of e –Learning with e-Entertainment. 

Our e-books are going to be a set of electronic books for children between the ages of 6-12 years. For the first time you will have a product which has motivational quality content to nurture character strengths in your children. Let’s together, focus on E Q (Emotional Quotient) and the S Q (Spiritual Quotient) of young minds.

Our e-Book story is unique because it is in the words of our storyteller ‘ Daarji' enhanced by magic of technology  ....visuals...animation ...sound effects and After effects. It's formatted for clear reading and viewing, with easy-to-use search capabilities. 
They will be colourful and dynamic visual presentations of true stories from the historical past of Punjab depicting the vibrant character and courage of the land and its people through the ages.  all told as a fun story.
If somehow we can make it possible for young people to have some choices on their own spiritual journey. The aim of Spiritual Education is not to turn the young people into any specific form of adherence, be it Christians, Jews, Hindus etc, but to give them a chance to see the world of religious belief and areas of spiritual response that we all think is so important. 
Our e books are dramatically supported by animations, superior special effects and sound effects. The entire concept of each volume will have a choice of three languages and three modes.


  •  English                                                                     
  • Hindi 
  • Punjabi

  •      Read To Me
  • ·         Read along                                              
  • ·         Just read
Forthcoming Titles

  • ·         Coming of a Saviour
  • ·         Birth of Nanak 
  • ·         Thread of Compassion   
  • ·         Miracle of the green field

Activities for Accelerated Learning
Following the story, you will have fun with the numerous follow-up activities Daarji’s help.
·         Interactive Questions about the story:
·         Activities:
Quotes: Accompanying each story there will be quotes  that support the specific principle and its values.
Hymn and Kirtan: Clear simple and melodious for young people to connect with. The vibrations created are always positive.