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Dear Friends,

We take this opportunity to connect with like minded people young and not so young, who believe in the spirituality in life. Our religion is a young beautiful, clearly defined social order created by our Guru’s. There is very little ambiguity in their teachings;

  • There is only one GOD, The Param Atma.
  • All men are brothers
  • Duty is above self

These are simple lessons which seem to have got lost in the dogmatic doctrines espoused today.

There is a growing apprehension among concerned parents that our children are caught up in acquisitiveness of materialism. They are picking up values which place personal gain before ethics, integrity, or love. Many of them have little or no sense of faith or spiritual values in their lives. If the generation today is in crisis, let us step back and take accountability.
Only after this introspection can we hope make way towards the path set by the Guru’s.

We at Sage Synergy, New Delhi, have a proposal, which is straightforward. In fact it is the very simplicity that makes it viable.

All that we need from you is your input and effort to network. Only as a group can we make a difference.

If you agree, do mail back.

Mrs Indu Gill