Global Punjabi

Global Punjabi

Punjab in Persian means the land of Punj (five) aab (rivers).

But by sheer ingenuity a Punjabi has moved not just across and beyond the rivers but seas as well.

Silently and slowly, another force relating to Punjabi identity has been emerging: the growth of the Punjabi diaspora.

Globalisation of the world economy and media reach ……. has opened an innovative scenario …., and the global Punjabi diaspora’s  imagination has suddenly been fired by the realisation of its power as a promising means of making and establishing of a ‘Global Punjabi’ identity.

Punjab has extended its cultural frontiers to almost every corner of the world. In earlier years Punjabis used to travel to various British colonies in technical professions i.e. carpenters, blacksmith or masons for better prospectus. Today a Punjabi is a Banker…a Businessman…a techno savvy intellectual…and a law maker in parliamentary system of his ‘Karam bhoomi’.

 They are the adventurous and daring. Today a Punjabi does not go out in the world in search of mere livelihood but for a sense of identity in the changing world of today  and impacted it in own audacious  inimitable style.

True to form and drawing on the inherent characteristics ...These hard working people have made many strides in their new adopted countries.

Generally when we talk about culture, there is a stereotype that "Punjabi culture is only the agriculture", well- agriculture is the mother of all cultures, and therefore Punjabi's should be proud of this culture.