Sage Synergy is a dynamic arrangement of shared interests which is set-up to become a one of a kind, people to people relationship program. Our effort is to bring together the Punjabi Diaspora with their roots, bonding a cultural way of life that can be an answer to our aspirations.

The Importance of Story
One of the key to seamless flow of traditions from generation to generation is a "story". Storytelling is at the heart of the age old Punjabi experience - not just the great stories of the past but the human story of each one of us makes the weft and warp of the fabric of Punjabi culture.

You tell a story
 What we are trying to say is that all around us there are personal stories; Tales of courage ,adventure, faith etc....All these are stories , stories worth telling  and experiences worth sharing.. You could share yours with us on Sage Synergy.

For Punjab it has always been ‘The Shifting Sands of Time’....fortune has played truant all the time... Mid 1800's saw a powerful Sikh Empire being made ....and then lost...in treachery ,betrayal and intrigue.

As there has been an evolution of species so there has been an evolution in social fabric of our lives. Punjab, Greater Punjab has a story to tell...its genesis....the play of history over the centuries and people who have made a difference in lives.
Guru Nanak’s life is all in parables... Much of what we know of that era was officially not recorded by a historian. The account of the times gone by spread by word of mouth or Janamsakhis as we call them gives us an idea of the events, other than that each story teller probably put his own thoughts and feelings into the story. So that it is told better than the time it was told before.
The Gurus..Janamsakhis
Therefore in little ways the story may vary a little with time and place.
The point is that reading fantastic literature or playing techno games alone will not make children smarter or well-adjusted or get better grades in school. Staying connected with roots is important, yet it is simply effortless as the air for us or water for fish....for culture and heritage is an aura that surrounds us.

Childhood is a special period of bubble-like formative years. It gives the young breathing time to master the things they will need to know in order to survive as adults. Things they need to know can be best told as tales, and perhaps as adults we may as well indulge in a moment or two of sheer childlike pleasure in a beautiful reality.